Offset printing

In this digital age, offset printing is still the most often used and most economical printing technique for large print runs. With more than 55 years of experience at its back, Perka has a lot of expertise to offer you. At the same time, we keep updating and innovating with the latest technologies. And you can always depend on more than seventy employees for printing, creasing, die cutting, cutting, foil printing and much more.

Digital printing

On Demand
When you need a small print run of a brochure, business card or brochure, we can offer you personal digital printing in a flash. If your company regularly orders printing on demand, then Fileshop is your platform for placing orders efficiently. We can get everything to its destination in a single operation thanks to our fulfilment service.

Personalisation in every aspect
What can have more impact than addressing your customer by his or her name? At Perka, we go an extra step further and can also personalise the product offering, texts and visuals so that they are tailor-made for every recipient. Every day, Perka prints and sends large and small print runs for continuous direct marketing programmes. That way, we provide the perfect response to recent purchases or a customer’s birthday, or reactivate a customer with a personalised direct mailing.

Large format printing

You can also contact us for large format prints. Quadrifinish, our large format division, has specialized in creating and placing printed matter on various materials for over 30 years. The possibilities of large format printing are endless. We are happy to provide the stickers, panels and banners or other POS and event materials for your company. Even the labeling of your (trucks) vehicles is part of our expertise.

Would you like to have your materials delivered to various branches after production? Then call on our fulfilment service. also be inspired by the possibilities of Fileshop. Highly recommended if your company regularly orders POS material.

Direct mailing

The processing of direct mailing and posting is one of the last links in the chain of a successful communication campaign. Thanks to long years of experience, at Perka we can help with the following:

  • Postcard mailings
  • Self-mailers
  • Mailings placed in envelopes mechanically or manually, (biodegradable) foil, postboxes, etc.

In all these activities, we take account of the continual changes in the postal landscape, can totally personalise assignments ranging from simple to complex, and always remain compliant with GDPR legislation. In addition, the processing is done internally and never leaves our production site.

You can upload or design your flyers, order them and have them distributed in a specific region with one mouse click via our Fileshop. Due to our collaboration with Bpost we can offer you very keen rates, you don’t have to worry about administration and we arrange everything from printing to sending.


Fulfilment is time-consuming and labour-intensive. It's great that Perka can ensure a more efficient workflow.

  • For recurring requests and mailings you can use Fileshop for management and tracking.
  • Perka can produce your printed matter, you supply us with your specific material. Depending on your project, the printed matter is mass produced or produced on demand.
  • Our employees organise and optimise the mailing lists so that everything from production to posting runs flawlessly.

In practice


Graphic Layout

Database publishing / DTP

Database publishing
If you publish leaflets and catalogues regularly, you know how intensive and time-consuming it can be. It's great that Perka can help you to automate and optimise this workflow by combining product information, visuals, prices and layout.

We help you to think through the structure of the database or spreadsheet with all the information that needs to be published. The data can then be linked to dynamic graphic templates. In combination with an effective system for product information management, this will save you a lot of time, prevent errors and save costs.


You want to translate an idea for your printed material into a creative and original design? At Perka, we’re pleased to help you with your goals. You tell us what you want to achieve, and a brief and time schedule will be prepared on that basis. The idea will take shape during regular feedback sessions so that it matches your style and expectations.

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