At Perka, we understand how important communication materials and marketing publications are to your company. Stationery, POS materials, printed or digital brochures and catalogues all contribute to strong brand awareness and therefore to your success. The process of getting all this into shape can often be a huge challenge, particularly together with all the other tight deadlines you undoubtedly have. It's great that we have a convenient solution for you.

Fileshop is a unique tool developed by Perka to help you optimise the end-to-end workflow. Fileshop can help with the following three things:

Fileshop: The 3 major advantages of the Design Module

The challenge

Companies that have multiple branches or work with external parties such as dealers and resellers are often faced with a major challenge. How do you make sure that communication materials are made available to all these people decentrally and in good time? Whether stationery, event and point of sale materials, brochures, visuals or e-mail templates, Fileshop’s Design Module is a smart way of managing and personalising your marketing materials and getting them printed and distributed.

Your 3 most important advantages:

  •   On demand

    It is important for an organisation to apply brand guidelines correctly at all times. At the same time, internal and external co-workers can decide for themselves what they need and when they need it, at any time with no bottlenecks. Users who have access to the Design Module can therefore make their own designs for their material with no previous knowledge of graphic art. You decide who can adapt which assets or elements of the templates. That way, your brand identity is always protected. You retain full control through integrated approval processes and always decide for yourself who can view or order what.

  •   Personalisation

    At Perka, we realise that personalisation works. Via the platform, users can personalise the name, texts and visuals in the templates. What's more, some fields can be automatically populated accurately in advance, such as branch details, opening hours etc.

  •   Tracking

    To measure is to know. That's why our app gives you an overview of all orders, current stock levels or the status of your order in a flash.

The 3 major advantages of the Products Module

The challenge

Do you, as a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, have hundreds to thousands of articles in your assortment that have to be sold through different channels (promo brochures, catalogues, webshops, e-commerce etc.)? Are different departments and stakeholders constantly asking you for accurate product information and the associated assets? Yes! In that case, Fileshop’s Products Module is definitely for you.

Your 3 most important advantages

  •   Centralised product information

    Thanks to the Products Module, your product information and assets are centralised across departments from now on. Accurate data is available to everyone simultaneously.

  •   Easy exports

    A second major benefit is the ease with which information can be exported to each of your communications platforms: printed catalogues, e-commerce platform, web applications etc.

  •   More efficient operation

    Fileshop’s Products Module ensures more efficient processes and, as a result, a shorter time to market. That means you can concentrate on other matters that demand your attention.

The 3 major advantages of the Whiteboarding Module

The challenge

Do you work in an organisation that has to issue publications such as leaflets and brochures regularly? In that case, you realise that compiling them is time-consuming, particularly if several departments are involved. It's great that there is a simple solution that enables you to prepare publications quickly and efficiently.

Your 3 most important advantages

  •   Collaboration

    Our Whiteboarding Module optimises the workflow between purchasing, sales and marketing. That way, mock-ups in PowerPoint or time-consuming cut-and-paste work will be a thing of the past. Products can be placed on previously defined online templates. Or you simply do the layout for your pages yourself. You can view and adapt the product information and visuals directly.

  •   No prior technical knowledge required

    Every department can do the layout for publications in a visual and clearly structured manner, then position products from the library correctly using the convenient drag & drop option. No prior technical knowledge required.

  •   Connection with your visuals database

    In the Products Module, products can be searched for or selected via an imported dataset. The associated actions and all price information is also imported using the data list or entered within the app itself. If every department gives its approval for the provisional design, the Perka designers can get to work with the export file, ready to finalise it graphically. This streamlined workflow significantly reduces the number of correction rounds. In addition, accurate data is available for other channels or publications.


Are you happy to pay for a big truck when you just want one small package transported? No? It's great that you can start with Fileshop at a very low threshold and let the tool grow at the same pace as your organisation, or as its needs increase. Since Fileshop can be tailored to your needs, we can't offer you a price list on our website. We can analyse your needs thoroughly and work out a tailor-made quotation in a non-binding discussion. Contact us now.

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